Gratitude Day 8: Gifts and Talents (11-8-12)

Gratitude Day 8: Gifts and Talents
I was knitting with friends yesterday at The Yarn Haven. One was working on a complicated cable project, another was knitting a sparkly shawl, and I was working on a colorful beret. We were talking about l
ife and supporting each other as we knit. I thought about what a blessing it is that God endowed each of his sons and daughters with gifts and talents to make our own lives more enjoyable and to bless the lives of others. I am grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with. I am also grateful for the gifts you, my friends and family, possess as they bless my life so much. Thank you!

"For all have not every gift given unto them; for there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God.
"To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby."
Doctrine and Covenants 46: 11-12

Echo Flowers Lace Shawl
Design by Jenny Johnson Johnen
Knit by Kristina Plaas


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