Gratitude Day 17: Second Chances

Very few things in life are guaranteed. We have ideas, ambitions, hopes, dreams. We make plans that fail. We hope for things that don't happen. We make mistakes. Separating illusion from reality isn't always easy as some things aren't obvious, especially when we try to make choices or judgments when we don't have all the facts. In short, we aren't perfect. When things don't turn out quite as we hoped or when mistakes are made, it 's good to know we get a second chance to do better. We never have to be stuck with our mistakes if we are willing to do the work to overcome them.

A pair of does along Hyatt Lane
Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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Repentance and forgiveness enable second chances, where both the one who erred and the one adversely affected by the error get the chance to make amends and try again. The atonement of Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to repent. Being followers of Christ demands that we forgive ourselves and others. I'm grateful for my second chances. I'm grateful for those who have patiently put up with my mistakes and have extended their forgiveness to me. I'm still working on my do-overs and trying to move forward with my life. I'm grateful to know I don't have to do it alone.


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