Gratitude Day 23: Bunnies, Goats, Alpaca, and Sheep

What do bunnies and goats, alpaca and sheep all have in common? The answer is one of my favorite things and something I'm very grateful for -- yarn. Yes, yarn! I started knitting a new hat this afternoon using a hand-dyed yarn from a Tennessee artisan, Miss Babs. The yarn was so soft and the colors so rich, I just had to smile at what was moving through my fingers. I can't wait to tug the finished hat over my ears on a cold day in the mountains. It will make me happy and warm.

There are more breeds of sheep than I can count, but there is nothing more wonderful to knit with or to wear next to your skin than a finely spun merino wool. Ditto for cashmere, which comes from a special breed of goat, or baby alpaca, or soft angora from a fluffy rabbit. The gift of fiber from these animals is well-represented in my yarn stash. My drawers are filled with hand-knit socks, hats, mittens, and shawls. They were a joy to knit; they are joy to wear.

There's nothing better than knitting with a gorgeous, natural fiber yarns. I'm grateful for all of God's creatures, for their beauty and the way they bless my life. Knit on!


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