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The Six Blessings Challenge

I'm a fan of Jason Wright, New York Times Bestselling Author of the book Christmas Jars. I read his posts on Facebook, his blog, and his columns in the Deseret News. I get good ideas from Jason, ones that inspire me to think outside my bubble and do more than I might do otherwise. Today he encouraged me to look back on 2013 and identify six blessings. Truth be told, I had such an amazing year I could easily come up with more than six blessings, but I'll constrain myself. In no particular order, here's my list.

Music: I've loved beautiful, mostly sacred and classical music all my life. I played the cello growing up, went to the symphony, and listened to the Metropolitan Opera on the radio on Saturday afternoons. I was born with the singing gene (thanks, Daddy) and love singing in a good choir. All the years I was sick I had no energy to attend the opera or symphony, no energy to sing in the choir. I pretty much lost my voice. Two years ago I started my way back, singing …